Captive audiences are a thing of the past. People are back in charge of how, when and why they choose to engage with brands. People are drawn to those brands that enhance their lives in some way – brands that entertain, excite, inform, improve, impact or involve – brands that add value.
From the screens to the streets to the stores, across every consumer touchpoint, HIVE is focused on delivering Valuable Encounters that drive strong, measurable results for our clients.



Constraint fuels creativity. It forces us to find new ways. Make more with less. Green Eggs and Ham, the beloved Dr. Seuss classic, was the result of a bet by Seuss with his publisher that he could write a successful book using a total of only 50 words. We strive to create unconstrained impact through strategic focus, crisp creative and smart media choices.

Risk a


It’s a four-letter word but risk is at the heart of brand disruption. You are journeying from the safety of your home to get to a better place. Scary stuff. It’s not easy to walk away from the formulas, the tested, the tried and true. But that’s where the biggest opportunities live. The biggest risk often lies in staying still.





The days of giant egos, creative saviours and one-man-bands are over. Modern agencies understand that we live in a collab world where agency staff must work seamlessly across all disciplines, agencies must play nicely with other roster agencies and, most importantly, agency and client must work clearly, openly and collaboratively to build maximum value.