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Pro•Line Sports Gut 2010

What We Did

The Hive launched the Listen To Your Sports Gut campaign with two television spots that very literally depicted that “I just have a feeling about it” sports hunch almost everyone gets heading into a game. One spot depicts our hero celebrating with his Sports Gut in a bar, and the second spot brings to life the disadvantages of not listening to your Sports Gut as you watch your buddies and their Sports Guts celebrate every play. The campaign idea has also been extended into out-of-home and on-line executions, retrofitted to work with existing promotions, and brought to life in-bar and in-venue with both posters and event teams. In other words, Sports Gut has legs.


Why We Did It

We needed to remind people that Pro-Line isn’t a difficult game to play, that it’s fun, and that it actually makes watching sports more enjoyable. But how? The answer came from listening to some sports fans talking about ‘hating to be the guy that wakes up on Sunday morning having not placed a bet only to find out that the team you would have picked had won’. That wonderful insight gave birth to Sports Gut.

What's Happened

So did people listen to their Sports Guts? According to the hundreds of tweets, Facebook posts, and messages in online sports forums, we’d say so. Oh, and 124% increase in sales leads us to believe that Sports Guts may be making an appearance in 2011. Stay tuned and in the meantime, LISTEN TO YOUR SPORTS GUT!

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