Screme Eggs


The battle between good and evil certainly isn’t a new one. It’s as old as Nosferatu himself. But between good chocolately cream-filled eggs and their evil green gooey counterparts? Now that’s a first.

So to launch of Cadbury Screme Eggs we pitted our favourite Easter treats against their ghoulish Halloween brethren, and watched as the Goopocalypse played out beneath our feet.

First, just as humans would in a zombie apocalypse, Creme Eggs took to billboards, empty wall spaces and convenience stores around the country. Each execution they created warned of the impending danger due to the outbreak of their monstrous cousins.


As time passed and Screme Egg numbers grew, escape became futile. The resulting battle between the two spilled out into our streets and was aired on television and online in three chapters. Appealing to the horror fan in each of us, the spots paid homage to famous frightful scenes from Return of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, Resident Evil and even Thriller.

In the end, humans were encouraged to go to Facebook for ongoing Goo News reports, survival tips and sightings, all reported by the Creme Eggs themselves and written in their native tongue – Goo.




The premise of a Goopocalypse allowed us to tell a larger narrative with the product at the forefront. For kids and kids at heart, the good versus evil storyline isn’t just of-the-moment with the influx of everything zombie and vampire-y, but gave us an opportunity to leverage the beloved and well-known character of the Creme Egg to launch their new Halloween-only counterparts. 



Within weeks of the campaign, the Facebook page grew from about 9,000 to 62,000. Engagement levels were even more impressive, withup to 20% of fans talking about the campaign. This went far beyond standard ‘likes’ and included tons of comments and hundreds of shares with fans endorsing branded images and videos in their own personal networks. Some fans even became fluent in ‘Goo’, corresponding with the eggs in their very own language.

The Goopocalypse didn’t just resonate here at home. Since its launch, the campaign’s been picked up by Cadbury in the UK and has been featured on DevourAdweek and Fast Company.