BF Canada

Brown-Forman, proud owner of some of the world’s most popular spirit & wine brands including Jack Daniels, Finlandia Vodka and Southern Comfort just to name a few, is one of The Hive’s oldest and dearest clients. Over the course of our 14-year partnership, The Hive’s advertising, sales promotions, event management, and digital and field marketing have contributed to strong brand building and significant sales growth across North America.

So when it became clear in 2010 that Brown Forman required a new agent/ broker to represent their entire portfolio in Canada, they approached The Hive for help in coming up with a creative solution to their business problem. Working closely together, The Hive and BF Canada devised and implemented a radical solution: work even more closely together.

In an unprecedented move, The Hive took on responsibility for all of BF Canada’s sales to alcohol retailers, licensed restaurants and bars. We created a new division of The Hive: BF Canada Powered by The Hive, and added 32 full-time staff to work hand in hand with the BF team. As a result, The Hive is now BF Canada’s exclusive distributor and sales & marketing arm across the country.

The results after year one speak for themselves. Never before has the portfolio of super-premium brands received more high quality selling system attention. EBITA profit is up double digits and the important Jack Daniel’s family of brands volume is up significantly. BF Canada has become more independent and more profitable. And after 14 years of doing business together, The Hive and Brown Forman have taken the partnership to a new level, to everyone’s benefit. I’ll drink to that.