The summer of 2012 marked a banner year for whisky, as it saw the introduction of the first new major Canadian whisky in over a decade – Collingwood.

A whisky whose name isn’t just lip service, Collingwood is hand-crafted where else but in Collingwood Ontario, using ingredients native to that region. But what truly makes it unique is the toasted Maplewood mellowing finishing process that gives it an exceptionally smooth taste.

For its debut, we created a national print and OOH campaign that celebrated these features and communicated to consumers that unlike its competitors, Collingwood is a whisky enjoyed in its natural state.


In a category that relies heavily on machismo and heritage plays, we needed an idea that stood apart. A modern take on whisky that was rooted in the actual product, while at the same time celebrated the place of its birth.

To that end, full-scale maps of Collingwood became our canvas. In keeping with the idea, map iconography was stamped onto them using hand-cut Maplewood blocks. Each symbol telegraphed to drinkers the best ways explore a whisky this incredibly smooth – straight up, on the rocks, or with water.



Within four weeks of the campaign being in market, Collingwood saw a 101% lift in sales. Impressed by the creative and the numbers it generated, Collingwood’s parent company, Brown Forman will be taking the campaign across the border for its US launch this fall.