Catching “the big one” is the dream of every angler.  In their quest for a prize catch, they will often go to great, and sometimes risky, lengths. For Dammy, an eager little beaver with a big love of fishing, finding the “right spot” could cost him his life.

OPG wanted to promote water safety and create awareness around the dangers of fishing and swimming too close to hydro dams and stations. To spread the word, we worked with internationally acclaimed animation studio Aardman to cast a slightly different spin on a classic fish tale. In “Stay Clear, Stay Safe,” a fable told in campfire song, Dammy spends his entire life in search of “the big one.”  As he grows from kit to a grown beaver, it seems like he’ll never make his catch – until one momentous day when his luck truly takes a turn. 

Aimed at anglers, cottagers, water enthusiasts, and people who might discount the severity of risk, the campaign uses winsome animation and illustration, rustic appeal and nostalgia to make a connection, reminding viewers that “lots of fish there will always be, but just one you and just one me.”