Every December, advertising folk send out industry jokes in place of holiday cheer. Thing is, only a handful of the antics resonate with clients and fewer still make an impact beyond the festive season.

Working with toy company Uncle Goose, we created 'The Invent Calendar' - a Hive-branded spin on a festive standard.

Clients and friends were simply instructed to 'Open one block per each merry and bright day.'  As the month marched on, steampunk-esque 'Invent Machines' took shape - adorning cubicle desks and company shelves. With countless ways to build up the blocks, there was no right or wrong answer. Instead, it all led up to a golden Hive bee on the 24th and a big message written in small type: "Everything you invent comes from a place of imagination and creativity and is therefore always, always right."