What if your small chocolate, candy and gum purchases in Canada could make a big difference to those who need it most?  That simple challenge is the premise behind the Cadbury Bicycle Factory, which for 10 years now has driven huge confectionary sales for Mondelez while also building and delivering over 30,000 specially designed bicycles for students in rural Africa. 

Why bicycles?  In Canada, bikes represent joy in the form of fun, fitness and fresh air, but in Africa a bicycle is a powerful tool that can turn a 2 hour daily walk to school into a joyful 30 minute ride, allowing students to arrive on time and with energy to learn.

The launch TV spot communicated the need for bikes in Africa and directed people to www.thebicyclefactory.ca where they could drag and drop their confectionary purchase through a ‘magic portal’ and change it into a bike part; 100 parts made a bike. Consumers could build on their own or as a part of a team. The goal was to send 5,000 bikes to Africa each year.

 By year three the campaign evolved from showing the needs for bikes in Africa to showing the impact of the bikes that have been delivered.

Over the years the program has been supported by paid media with TV, print and digital. Plus, we created a one-hour CTV documentary, developed partnerships with We Day and Much Music, used Olympic cyclist Heather Moyes for PR support and developed content with Influencers like Humble The Poet.